30 Minute Treadmill Workouts!

Many people work out on treadmills, either at the gym or at the workplace or even in the extra bedroom at home. The treadmill is the highest selling fitness machine in the USA. Its users say that they find it the best equipment for fitness workouts.

30 Minute Treadmill Workouts

The editor of a fitness magazine says they are a great option to exercising out of doors. They are safe and can be controlled. A person can stop the treadmill when he wants to.

Both the speed and the slopes can be kept in check. Even then, lots of people think it’s a boring piece of training equipment.

Workouts on treadmills are not necessarily dull. They can be efficient, very challenging and they can burn up calories in many ways.

The important thing about treadmill exercises are the interval periods. You have to vary the speeds; quit the machine at intervals of some minutes and do floor exercises.

30 min treadmill workouts

An expert says that breaks help to keep boredom away and maintain pumping of the heart. They also make the classes on treadmills more intense. A fitness trainer says they help burn some 900 calories/hour.

Recommended workouts on treadmills have a mix of jogging and walking; weight training and running coupled with floor exercises.  While some trainees are on the machines, some are doing floor exercises. They alternate these types of workouts.

Housewives work out alongside pro sportspersons, the common factor being the treadmill.

They work at three levels of intensity: running, jogging and walking. Different speeds are used for different programs.

A person can know exactly what his work-intensity is.

It's vital that one knows how hard he or she is working, when on the treadmill. For it is slightly easier than going for a run outdoors. On a treadmill, one does not counter air resistance to move ahead, says an expert in the field.

If there isn’t any resistance to overcome in order to move, then you are not putting in the same effort as you would outdoors.

The treadmill has its advantages, though.  You can work out for longer spells. You must make a big effort for it, says the expert. Apart from the treadmill, you will need hand weights and the ball that’s used for exercises on the floor. Remember to always check with your physician before commencing a fresh exercise routine.

Got one hour to spare? Try these treadmill workouts. The first will give optimum results and the second is a trek with intervals. It is aimed at boosting the cardio system. The exertion rate in the workouts is ranked on a 0-10 scale to measure exercise intensity. 0 is the feeling you get when resting. Ten is the feeling you get after very strenuous exercises.

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30 Min Treadmill Workouts

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