An Extreme Plan to Lose Fat and Build Muscle!

Here's a bodybuilding plan that is tough to do. This extreme plan will help you both build your muscles fast and drop fat. It requires sincerity and perseverance but it allows you to eat at the same time.

Extreme Plan to Lose Fat and Build MuscleTo add muscle and to shed fat at the same time has been the objective of most bodybuilders. But a great many of these persons who are training a long time feel that this same aim, that is, getting a 100% method to achieve a great body will last for lots of months and years.

Plan to Lose Fat and build muscle

Some say that bodybuilders are somewhat like extremists. If this is only a bodybuilders' personality trait or if it is due to the habits needed to bring about physical changes that can be seen and which are obvious, it is the truth for most of this tribe.

Even if one were to remove the training factor from the equation, one can rightly ask the question: what band of persons or athletes goes through such rigorous diet routines like these bodybuilders? When they are into bulking, they eat amounts of food that the entire population of a small nation would consume. And when cutting down, they swallow like a sparrow!

Extreme Measures

Any person who has gone through these two phases knows just what these extremes are.

  • To add muscle, we need food lots of food along with a lessening of all vigorous work.
  • To lose fat after putting on muscle our body requires very few calories and plenty of cardiovascular kind of exercises. So, one has to compromise on certain things when trying to synchronize these two phases.

But thanks to the advancement of science and information technology, along with a better understanding of the various body functions, we can today understand better and apply more correctly nutrition and exercise regimens to help us reach our goal to increase  mass of the muscle and lose fat at the same time.

The plan outlined here is an extreme one. But if one is dedicated to it and follows it well, he will be able reach those two twin goals.

In this program, we utilize our body's hormone system with relation to its daily rhythms, timing of nutrients and exercises.

The plan incorporates two sets of periods:

  • one that includes extreme underfeeding in order to lose fat
  • one for extreme overfeeding to gain muscle.

It also has training plans to lose fat and regimens for putting on muscle, like heavy weights. Mainly it will be an exercise to burn fat mostly.

With regard to food, eating low carbs and low calories and doing exercises to burn fat is vital. Activities apart from the above include sleeping, doing heavy weightlifting or eating as if you are a refugee from an impoverished nation striving for proteins, building up muscle tissue and putting anabolic hormones to good use.

Cardio Work

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Cardio exercises must be done at least thrice, or at the best six times, each week.

There must be alternately, short and long walks apart from HIIT cardios.

  • Using a treadmill that's inclined a bit 3/4 of an hour is best for long cardio. It must be done three times a week on days when you do your training in weights. Also sprint in the open, or do it on a treadmill.
  • Cycling is a great option with regard to HIIT cardio, on days when you are off weight training. There are many ways to do the HIIT segment. The ratio of work to rest should be 1:2. For example, run flat out for 20 secs and follow this up with 40 secs continuous jogging, taking a four minutes break of jogging slowly, after you have gone through four minutes of jogging slowly or doing a cycling warm-up.

Be Creative

Keep your HIIT cardio creative. If you struggle in your effort to gain or to lose fat, you'll have to do more sessions of cardio and HIIT. Those who lie in the middle of the process must do three HIIT and drop regular cardios. The persons blessed with great metabolisms may discover that they require just one or two HIIT stints a week.

Weights Routine

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Timing is more important than the actual kind of training you do with weights. In this program it is important to note that you do the weight training late in the afternoon or early in the evening so that you burn your body fat all through the day.

At this time of day you generally follow a diet that is low in both calories and carbs. You must ensure that there is a 6 hours period between the time you do weights and the time you go to bed. At this time you need to overfeed in order to push synthesis of proteins and to allow more storage of glycogen.

Weights very early will curtail burning of fat during the remaining period of the day and dampen the training and burning of fat plan.

Do weight training thrice a week, alternating the days you pick to train. The sessions must comprise heavy movements and some basic compound ones. Overlap too. In short, don't have just arms-only sessions. The workouts must stimulate plenty of anabolic hormones as well as mass of the muscles.

Performances, as well as vanity go into the training schedule. It thus could be unconventional. Bear this in mind while aiming for the best plan to build your muscles and shed that fat!

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