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How to Gain Weight and Build Muscle?

How to Gain Weight and Build Muscle

Just putting on a lot of muscle and getting bulgy without actually increasing your strength is meaningless. The goal in this plan is to utilize in the best manner the genes you have inherited. Of course, one can add muscle by extra consumption. How to Gain Weight Go primitive, that is, gorge on food and […]

An Extreme Plan to Lose Fat and Build Muscle!

Extreme Plan to Lose Fat and Build Muscle

Here’s a bodybuilding plan that is tough to do. This extreme plan will help you both build your muscles fast and drop fat. It requires sincerity and perseverance but it allows you to eat at the same time. To add muscle and to shed fat at the same time has been the objective of most […]

How Much Protein is Needed to Build Muscle?

Protein Needed to Build Muscle

If you want to build those muscles of yours it is essential you consume the right amount of proteins in your food. But, the vital question is, how much protein? It’s a bit tricky to answer, so let’s make an  attempt to put things in the right perspective, How Much Protein is Needed to build […]

Building Muscle Mass Workouts for Men

Muscle Mass Building Workouts

Your muscles are said to be in good shape and in good fitness when you are able to exert force to overcome resistance. If you wish to improve muscle mass you should go in for workout routines that work on an overload principle and help gain strength of muscles. Building Muscle Mass You must know how […]

Post Workout Shakes To Help Lose Weight!

Protein Shake

Shakes which are also referred to as smoothies are very commonly used for providing the right nutrition post-workouts and physical exercises. Many people consider this as a weight loss diet which it exactly is not. These shakes are completely different from the ordinary milk shakes. Post Workout Shakes While drinking milk shakes post-workout surely helps […]

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