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Top 20 Foods to Lose Fat & Build Muscle!

Best Foods to Lose Fat & Build Muscle

Many kinds of vegetables, proteins, fruits, healthy fats and carbs are needed if you want to build up muscle and also shed fat. Protein intake assists the process of building up muscles and maintaining them. It will also be an aid in the fat-loss program, for protein has more thermic value than carbohydrates or fats. […]

Healthy Foods to Lower Cholesterol Quickly

Lower Cholesterol Quickly

Will you be able to lessen that cholesterol by changing your food habits a bit, like eating some oatmeal? Or chewing down walnuts? You can also eat potato that’s baked and has some margarine on it. Slight changes in your eating habits could help your heart work better. See also: High Triglycerides – Causes and […]

High Triglycerides – Causes and Treatments!

High Triglycerides

What are Triglycerides? Triglycerides are a type of lipid (fat) found in our blood.  This type of fats are used  for energy. We need some triglycerides for good health. But high triglycerides can increase the the risk for heart disease and may be a sign of metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is the combination of high […]

Remedies for Pinched Nerves In The Shoulder!

Pinched Nerve in Shoulder

Pinched nerve is a common problem and it occurs when a muscle, tendon, bone, or cartilage presses on a nerve root, or a portion of the nerve that comes out from the spinal column. Remedies for Pinched Nerves Pinched nerve also known as cervical radiculopathy could result in weakness, numbness, pain or tingling sensation in […]

What is Sciatica ?, Symptoms and Treatments!

Sciatica Pain

Sciatica is a symptom, not a problem itself! Sciatica is a condition in which you get pain, a numb feeling or weakness or a tingling sensation in your leg. An injury to the sciatic nerve, or pressure applied on it, are the reasons for this. But sciatica is a symptom of a problem relating to […]

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