How Much Protein is Needed to Build Muscle?

If you want to build those muscles of yours it is essential you consume the right amount of proteins in your food. But, the vital question is, how much protein? It's a bit tricky to answer, so let's make anĀ  attempt to put things in the right perspective,

How Much Protein is Needed to build muscle

You best friend or even your physician will not be able to tell you the precise amounts of protein you will require if you need to build your body. For a determined bodybuilder, this kind of advice will not help, for the tissues of our muscles are being continuously used up or destroyed and then repaired again.

So, what comprises a diet that's high in protein?

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The best answer to this question is in the form of a math formula: This method will help you calculate your protein needs. Multiply by 2.75 the 'lean' part of your body's mass. That will give you the amount of proteins you need daily.

If you have your weight in pounds, then divide it by 2.2 to get the amount in kgs. To ascertain the lean weight you have to figure out your body's full weight -- and the fat percentage in your body.

There are calculators avaiable online that give you this figure. Once you get your fat percentage you will have to multiply that figure by your weight to learn how much fat is present in your body. From this figure, cut out the full body weight and you will get the lean weight.

This number has to be multiplied by 2.75 -- and you will get the protein intake that is best for you, in grams/day.

Protein Needed to Build MuscleFor example, for a man whose weight is 150 pounds and who has fat amounting to 15%, his daily protein needs are 159 gms. It's quite easy once you know how to do it.

A diet that's relatively low in carbs will help anyone to get this fairly good intake of proteins. You can get this iformation, along with the scientific studies done on muscle repair and other laws that pertain to muscle growth to get the most out of it.

But if you aim to use this kind of protein plan only to burn your fat, then look up a specific plan that deals with this.

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