How To Build Muscle Mass

Importance of Lifting Weights

Body lifting or weight lifting is an activity that you can resort do as this is the finest way by which you can keep your body in very good shape.

Weight Lifting Secrets

How to Build Muscle Mass?

Weight training or weight lifting can hold a lot of health value for women as well as for men. Weight training routines and weight lifting routines exist for women, children and men of different age groups and for any body type as well as size.

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If building muscle mass, improving cardiac function and increasing stamina is something that you wish to do, you can make weight training a part of your regular exercise or work out routine.

How does Weight Lifting Result in an Increase in the Muscle Size?

Weight training or weight lifting basically makes use of gravity in order to oppose the contraction of the muscles in the human body thereby strengthening them to a great extent.

In order to overcome this particular opposition the muscles in the human body have to exert themselves a lot as a result of which they do become strengthened in the long run. Such a technique is something that was developed by the Greek man Hippocrates centuries ago.

How to Build Muscle Mass Fast?

When the Greek athletes would train for the Olympics it is believed that they would carry a calf that had just been born recently on the backs in order to build up their muscles.

When we work out with the help of weights, the muscles in our bodies grow basically as a sort of response to injury. Micro trauma occurs on the muscle tissues of our body when we use the weights.

The body then attempts to rebuild or repair the muscle fibers which have been torn as a consequence in turn making the muscles of the body stronger than what they had been prior to the occurrence of the micro trauma.

Weight Loss and Weight Lifting

Charles Atlas who was a very well known athlete is believed to have increased muscle mass as well as body weight as a result of weight lifting.

However if the weight lifting process is one that is carried out in an organized manner and is properly designed then such a process can definitely be engaged in on the part of a person who is looking to burn a lot of metabolism and consequently reduce a lot of body weight in a short time frame.

According to fitness experts and doctors, the most effective weight loss is brought about by Resting Metabolism. The RMR or the resting metabolism rate is basically the amount of fuel which is consumed by your body when it is resting. This fuel is also known as calories.

The lean muscle mass is the area in the body where these calories are used or burnt. Weight lifting as opposed to other forms of cardio work out and the following of a diet can help to raise the RMR quite a bit.

You should start by lifting the weights which are comfortable for you. Start lifting for eight to twelve times and then keep on repeating. The weight should ideally be increased by ten percent every time.

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