How to Gain Weight and Build Muscle?

Just putting on a lot of muscle and getting bulgy without actually increasing your strength is meaningless. The goal in this plan is to utilize in the best manner the genes you have inherited. Of course, one can add muscle by extra consumption.

How to Gain Weight

How to Gain Weight and Build MuscleGo primitive, that is, gorge on food and get that extra muscle without gaining fat. A body mass that is lean is a healthy option when faced with several alternatives.

More Lean Mass

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The greater the lean mass, the greater the longevity and also a better quality of life for you. But it will be counterproductive to boost mass at the cost of speed and agility. One’s strength must increase in the same measure as one’s size does.

It’s In the Genes

Though one inherits genes of his/her forefathers, there are some distinctive ones and slight variations that make every one different. So, some persons are short while some are tall. And some people respond to carbohydrates in a better way than others.

All human beings have certain common characteristics but certain traits are inherited straight from our ancestors. Similarly, some persons have greater amounts of muscle mass, others don’t. Some do not gain any weight regardless of what they eat. This group of people could be increasing their strength. However, it doesn’t show as muscle mass.

Look Tough

But if you are tough, you must look tough. You can do your bulking in the primal way to increase your size. Aim for the anabolic hormones used by others to gain bulk. The two guidelines are – put in hard work and eat lots of food.

Three hormones contribute to growth of muscle: GH or the growth hormone; testosterone and IGF-1.

Testosterone is what doping crooks use to build up muscle. They stab injections of testosterone based steroid hormones in their bodies. Testosterone also helps in synthesis of protein and in improving the role of other hormones.

Growth hormone does two things:

  • it burns away fat from the body and
  • it helps the muscles to grow.

IGF-1 is very much like GH in its functions. All these hormones work in unison and to get the best from them you need to have all in your body. Testosterone raises the IGF-1 levels only if GH is present.

Nervous System

The body’s nervous system interprets the stimuli and relays messages to various parts of the body. To get this system to work well, one has to do intensive work. Sprint and do some serious lifting. Do the squat using heavy weights. The nervous system will then send signals to the hypothalamus.

The latter then informs the pituitary gland, which is part of the endocrine structure. This gland sends certain hormones to inform the testicles that they have to secrete testosterone. Too much cardio will not affect your nervous system, so you can avoid it.  Do plenty of hard, fast, sprints and lift heavy weights to develop your muscles.

Avoid Cortisol

Cortisol is a hormone that is muscle wasting. So it has to be avoided in order to promote growth of muscle and strength. Cortisol comes into use during those incidents in our life that deal with anxiety and sleep; when we ought to stand and fight and when we have to flee. In big amounts cortisol is bad for muscle development.

Lift Heavy Weights

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To put on lean mass one has to lift really heavy weights. The basis of the lifting program must include big, complex lifts like squats and dead lifts besides presses – both of the bench and the overhead variety; push-ups, snatches and dips and all types of lifts that will make you exert yourself the most.

These kinds of exercises will make many muscles work at one time. They will also activate your hormonal reactions. You have to do heavy weights, enough to make your nervous and endocrine systems to work well. The weight of your body will not provide you with the strength you are looking for.

Your mass also will not increase up to the required level. Testosterone is useful, of course, but to get anabolic, you have to indulge in serious, heavy lifting.

It is very necessary to do squats, along with dead lifts. There are no excuses in this matter. These exercises will put into action the most number of muscles and thus get the biggest hormonal reaction. Make them the basics of your program to build up that mass.

Eat Plants, Animals

Eat like you never had before in your life. You just have to get those proteins and to get them gorging is a must. The promoter of this plan says that 80% of the body is diet. This holds true for both mass gain and fat loss. You have to give your body lots of protein so that necessary hormones synthesize.

The amount of proteins you have must be in this ratio: 1 gram to every pound of weight of the body. Proteins build up those muscle blocks. So have them in big amounts.

So do not avoid fats that are monounsaturated or saturated. Eat as many times as you can. If you seek ideal size along with the ideal strength, working out while fasting and skipping food is not be the best plan. Protein synthesis may get hindered if you go on a fast.

A meal full of protein and with lot of fat will halt insulin secretion. It will also give fuel to your muscles.

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