Long Term Benefits of Exercise on the Body System!

Given the busy schedule that we are all in, taking time off for exercising and aiming to be fit could indeed be a very difficult task to say the least.

Fitness & Exercise Tips!Apart from lack of time not being in the habit of exercising regularly or not having played the right kind of sports could also be reasons why you could be a stranger to exercise.

Of course lack of time is perhaps the biggest reason why we do not exercise regularly. At the end of day, the fact of the matter is that many of us seldom get into the job of exercising.

Benefits of Exercise On the Body

It is quite common to come across many friends that there are a number of ways and means by which these gyms and fitness centers offer you a chance to be fit.

On the other side of the spectrum you are sure to come across many friends who still continue to be overweight in spite of talking big about these fitness centers and health-enabling exercises.

When your friends fail in their efforts to control their weight in spite of being visitors to these gyms and fitness centers, we also start believing that you are right with your decision not to engage in such fitness activities. This over a period of time results in your not engaging in these various difficult and not-so-difficult exercises.

You start detesting and stay away from various exercises like swimming, and other such exercises, more so when it encroaches on your busy schedule which is all about taking care of your home, career and family. In fact you start believing that your children/husband and work are the exercises if one might so call it.

Benefits of Exercise

Hence before we talk more about finding out ways and means to fit exercises in our busy schedule, it would be better to do a frank self assessment and try to segregate those exercise that are important for preventing various lifestyle and other diseases.

Only when you start believing that regular exercise is a pre-requisite to good and disease free health will you start taking it seriously and get into the action mode. If you make exercise a daily habit there are some very obvious and real benefits which are too obvious to be ignored.

These include waking up fresh in the morning, developing the right walk gait style, feeling energetic even after the end of the day, having a feeling of optimism and positive attitude about exercise and recreation, being able to sleep soundly in the night and a host of other such benefits.

While the above are general and broad benefits associated with let us look at some specific benefits that could come our way if we make exercise a regular habit.

  • Exercise is known and proven to prevent heart disease. The total cholesterol to HLD cholesterol ratio should ideally be 4.5. If this ratio gets disturbed and doubles, the chances of developing heart disease increase by 50%. Exercise decreases the high ratio of these cholesterol levels which in turn decreases chance of heart disease.
  • We have to however understand that not all cholesterol is bad. While we should keep the levels of LDL cholesterols low, we should ensure the right balance of good cholesterol (HDL-1 and HDL-2) and the not so bad cholesterol (VDL).
  • We should also be aware of the proven fact that regular exercise prevention of osteoporosis. It would be pertinent to point out here that around 28 million Americans suffer from osteoporosis and 80% of them are women. It is indeed a sad fact that only 25% of these 80% women know that they suffer from osteoporosis. One more disturbing news is that the totally money spent on treating osteoporosis in USA is a staggering $ 14 billion each year.All this could easily be avoided with the right kind of exercise supported by the right dosage of calcium intake. However, there are situations where genetics have a role to play but overall exercise certainly can help overcome this problem. Any individual attains peak bone mass in their 20s and hence starting an exercise program when you are young does help even if time is a constraint for you.
  • Exercise also been known to prevent diabetes which indeed is a major health challenge for many of us. People suffering from Type-2 diabetes would do well to keep their blood sugar in check by exercising at least 2 to 3 days a week. Further if you are overweight and suffer from diabetes doing an exercise which calls for a 60 to 70% maximal heart rate helps a lot. However, it has to be done at least for 30 minutes and for 4 to 7 days a week. There are a number of reports available which subscribe to this point. A few important tips apart from exercise are to avoid eating too much in one go.


At the end of the day you should exercise keeping in mind your overall health objective rather than for some temporary cosmetic benefits.


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